Welcome !Welcome ! I'm Subodh Manikoth, an entrepreneur and a web developer. When I decided to start a personal website, it was with a purpose in mind;  not merely to spout a bunch of loosely woven words with no coherent meaning. The purpose of this website is to give me a place to log things I don't want to forget, and to share these...

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About Me

A person Lives with non-countable moods in his entire life and I am no different. Sometimes I may be damn serious, while after few moments, you can see me smirking, even without any reason.

Life never remains the same and my thinking also. A lot of dreams are there in corner of my heart, So every moment wanna give my best to make them true. I believe in working hard and there is no reason for me to wake up late in morning.

As a person, I am honest, dedicative, reliable and straightforward. I do not believe in regionalism, castes, discrimination based on community, religion and respect the human diversity on this earth. I call myself a global citizen, this whole planet is my workplace. In my mind there’s no point in doing anything half-heartedly. I’d rather not do it at all.

My treasure of invaluable and great friends, who are/were/will (I hope for) always there with me, make me feel super privileged. 3 cheers to all my sweet buddies. I am big time food lover (though bit choosy).  In last, I would like to say, we should have tendency to forget all bad things, which happens to us and then Life becomes much more enjoyable as we start celebrating small day-to-day achivements of our lives. I keep enjoying even with my small achievements.

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